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Why This Film is Important

Today over six hundred million Pentecostals, thousands of churches, movements, and gatherings can all can trace their roots to Azusa Street Revival.

It was prophesied that in one hundred years the awakening and revival that took place in Azusa Street would happen again. We are in this time frame. Knowledge of the history of Azusa is of vital importance in this generation. The next Great Awakening and revival promised by God is connected to The End Times and will bring a great harvest of souls to the Lord Jesus. 

The movie script is narrated and shows the events of Azusa by people who have been keepers and guardians of Azusa history. It is imperative that this new generation see and learn how the children and youth of the last century were part of the Azusa Street Revival, and how God used them to perform great accomplishments for His Kingdom. In each scene, the narrator of the event will be accompanied by their children and grandchildren at the Bonnie Brae House in Los Angeles where everything started. The viewer will learn through the scenes how to pray and seek God. It will captivate all audiences, from small children to adults.

As our final intent, our hope is that through the movie, the same fire of the Azusa Street Revival falls over millions of people all over the United States and the world, reaching those who are hungry for deeper truth and the power of God. 

Let us cheer for this generation to receive great impartation by the Holy Spirit and carry the Azusa torch. 


In memoriam: Lester D. Hughes Jr.

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